Apr 15, 2018

2018 update

So there been so many releases its been ard to keep up with the blog and sometimes life just gets in the way.. but here is a bungle of things that have happened in no particular order since I last blogged.

Kraze’s FULL GRIME ALCHEMIST thats a 10/10… Kraze one of the SLEW DEM “YOUNGERS”, now showing next generation how its done, always on point with with poetry and lyricism with guests vocalists FOOSTIE, KRUCIAL and SO LARGE and heavy duty producers like SLEW DEM own producer TOP DOLLA, and old skool Grime pioneer LEWI WHITE, plus the added weight of SKAVENGER, and AUDIO SLUGS and some powerful vocals from BEBE….




CHAMPION – multi artist release by Grime Disiple

GRIME DISIPLES (GD) soundcloud floats in cyber-space like an audio art gallery featuring some of the best upcoming Grime talent available legaly for free DL. Champion is GDs’ second release (his first release last year Views EP by Bliss produced by Invader Spade on GDs’ label Whyss).

“CHAMPION” is one of my favourite releases this year so far, a multi-artists compilation,fine collection of talent MC KWAM over JLSXDRS production, the big screen soundscape “MANY WARS ” by JT THE GOON, and tracks by the unstoppable Filthy Gears, Grandmixxer, 20-4, General Courts, Lemzy Dale, Jakebob, Major Grave, Swimful, Triple S, Sir Hiss Nights, Jammz, JED1, Polonis and a remix of Skepta & JMEs’ Gunshot Riddim by Gundam, the whole release is a delicious assortment of surprises and styles. Here the release showreel mix by Tiatsim (Mode FM).

CHAMPION a GRIME DISIPLE release £12 bandcamp

GRIME DISIPLE soundcloud

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