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So Grime is dead again… yippee, the best thing about that is Logan Sama has rereleased his “grime is dead” T Shirts (first issued in 2007) and what he said at that time still resonating, grime is dead to people who follow hype and money and good riddance (my interpretation).

Meantime grime is so dead that I can’t find time to blog about all the grime releases coming out, too many to mention, so focusing for now on the areas that hold special interest to me which is independent artists and labels, who in my opinion are flying the flag…

Limited edition instrumental vinyl releases are selling out on Slimzos and sister label Rot Pot and new addition to the family 2002 Records. Ive already waxed lyrical about SLIMZOS, its focusing on straight grime, brutal and beautiful bass heavy no nonsense productions from old skool DJ/producer label boss DJ Garna, who runs the three labels along side the “Godfather” Slimzee, and their righthand man As If Kid. DJ Garnas’ Magic EP is out now ( members only digital DL ), Rot Pot is more of a breakbeat label with strong flavours of grime and drum and bass, and 2002 a tip of the hat to old skool Grime with promises of future rereleases of unattainable early grime, first release “Champion” by Garna, on the flip side “Left Out” by As If Kid sold out in barely over a week. Their subscription based membership only downloads, and limited vinyl presses have set a precedent for independent labels, fulfilling a niche for collectors, in a world of disposable music, vinyl represents music made to be cherished over time. Their collections showcase an array of fresh styles, no mercy tunes from Slimzee and As If Kid, DJ Garna, Spooky, Boylan, Trends, USF, Filthy Gears, Oddkut, Dallen, Deuce, Mastermune, DJ Vader.

Slimzos website
Slimzos Recordings bandcamp

Spooky Bizzles’ Clartplate 001 with Boylan sold in the blink of an eye, and Ghost House Dubs so much in demand Spooky is hinting of a Gold Finger VIP repress.

The legendary “Playground” latest V.I.P is still available from his bandcamp limited edition 10″ promo , when its gone its gone signed copy

“Swaggy in the Baggy” is a modern classic by Nasty Jack produced by Spooky available now on all major music platforms.

Spooky Bizzle bandcamp

New high end quality labels such as Dream Eater and Bookey Records are holding court with some of the finest creme de la creme producers. Dream Eater now on their 004 vinyl only release (they also have digital release free DL on soundcloud) showcasing oldskool masters JT the Goon and Maniac, also outstanding producers of modern grime such as Filthy Gears, and dubstep JFO, and some exquisite tracks from producers Sir Hiss, Nights, Proc Fiscal, Polonis, Dr Hugo, B thorough, Kotei each of whom are evolving their own unique style.

Dream Eater website

Bookey Records, the brainchild of DJ Citrus (Mode FM) is a vinyl only label making a very strong debut release, a limited edition of 10, showcasing producer DEFIANTs’ wardubs from Mode FM Beat Boss tournament.

Bookey Records website

Defiant soundcloud

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