Oct 24, 2017


VIP2017 has been an amazing year for Grime, so far with no signs of stopping, and one of the most exciting things happening is Rotpot Records.

Run by legendary Slimzee (Godfather of Grime) & DJ Garna ( vet grime producer behind grime classics such as “Who’s That Girl”, Eurythmics grime refix & Boxed), perhaps its not surprising it’s just genius in everyway.

For a start Rotpot have a monthly VIP member subscription, which places a value on great producers that deserves acclaimation in itself and at £10/ month worth every penny.

Opening up Rotpot Bandcamp page is the Grime enthusiast version of Aladins Cave… so many gems of producers.. rubies or diamonds or sapphires, gold bars, emeralds whatever your favourite treasure its here… Slimzee productions, DJ Garna, As If Kid, Trends, USF, Sirpixalot, Gizmo, R-biz, Dubzta, Filthy Gears, Hectic, OwlyBeats, Dallen, Boylan, Policy every artist with their own distinct style… get ready for take off tunes…..

Downside… you may say “Ooooh F*ck!!” Ooooh My F*ckin Goooosh”…and “what the F*ck what the real F*ck was he F*cking thinking?!!!”… ALOT! when listening… ROTPOT RECORDS

By Kat
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