Jan 17, 2018

SPOOKY BIZZLE – Snow Forest / Funky Dub – OIL GANG 016

2018 landed running… Spookys already dropped test presses of GHD3 & GHD4… and full press of 300 of each will be available soon.

Next he dropped RICKY AND MORTY EP in digital on bandcamp.. SPOOKY BIZZLE – RICK AND MORTY EP BANDCAMP

and now.. Oh Shizzle.. OIL GANG… 10″ green vinyl… SPOOKY BIZZLE… forthcoming 2nd March …

Oil GANG is up there with my favourite Grime labels of all time, and at one point in history it was one of the labels certainly helping keeping Grime alive.

Simon (OIL GANG label owner/boss) seems like a magnetic to talent, every release on Oil Gang is a work of art, from the music, to the labels, and coloured vinyl. To a vinyl junkie, 10″ coloured is a shot to the arm. Not just a work of art it feels like a statement of independence Oil Gang always delivers something beautiful, something unique.

Oil Gang not just label boss but also DJ/producer and was until recently one of the BOXED collective, “A club night and brand run by Slackk, Mr. Mitch, Logos and Oil Gang” and hosted a regular show with many guests on RINSE FM,and now make appearances as guests.

BOXED were one of the first promoters to run Grime events in Peckham, in the old Peckham Paladium, or Palace(?), that unfortunately no longer exists as a venue, back in the days when breakdown services fear tread foot there…. by 2016 a BOXED event in Peckham…queues to get in, filling both floors of the BUSSY BUILDING.. the line up featuring Slimzee, Boylan, and other legends from Grime and UK FUNKY, MAK 10 and MARKUS NASTY of the NASTY CREW were in room 2 upstairs, it was the judgement of Solomon, to know which room to go to sometimes because the line up in both was so good.


OIL-GANG Soundcloud

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